This website is a place for me to store and share all of my culinary experiences, from my own recipes to restaurant reviews.  I started cooking about 13 years ago when I was forced to pay for college (who could believe such a thing).  I started out as the “bloom guy” at Outback Steakhouse and worked my way up to head line cook. I am forever grateful to George, my kitchen manager, and old grizzled veteran for teaching me the basics and putting me in my place.  I also owe my creativity and love of fine cooking to my step father and grandmother.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and offer suggestions :)

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  1. Hey!

    I’m Becca from Atlanta Foodies Blog, and I just wanted to let you all know that I made a new, sort of exclusive “Atlanta Food Bloggers Society.” There are other similar groups, but I wanted to make one that has only the best bloggers in Atlanta.

    I am only e-mailing the top 30 of us on Urbanspoon, because I think it’s a good gauge of the most serious bloggers.

    I’m certainly not the best qualified blogger among us, and I don’t presume to be the leader at all, but I see many of you at food events, and I thought it would be nice if the very best food bloggers in Atlanta had a Society. Some of us would rather be left alone, I’m sure, but if you are interested and want me to list your blog on the site or to be invited to any event we might have, let me know. I promise I will not spam you, and only send out something once a month or so.

    If you have any suggestions on improvement to the Society site, let me know. I am going to add a lot more content, and pay for the domain name.

    I am talking to a couple of restaurants to coordinate a Launch event for the Society. I know we are all very busy, so maybe we could just have one or two meetings a year.

    Keep in Touch,

    Becca *Atlanta Foodies*

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