Lunch Time in Atlanta

Ah lunchtime, that break in the middle of the day where running errands and getting out of the office (for most) are priority number one. So many people go for convenience and speed, and sometimes that’s definitely necessary, but if you try a little harder, you can have a great experience. There are a ton of great restaurants open for lunch that serve culled down menus at cheaper prices, and even some that have the exact same dishes for 10 – 20% less! One of my favorite spots for a business lunch is St. Cecelia; the dining room is less chaotic and the natural light is quite beautiful. I love their crudo selections and decently priced fish entrees!

Cobia tatar

Cobia Tartar

Artic Char

Artic Char

This time of year the fall patio season is about to kick-off, and there are several great patio spots across the city, but Krog Street Market has a few, including the under utilized one at Cockentrice. I wrote about their lunch service a few months ago, and since then they have expanded the menu and made the charcuterie selection a little less daunting, with the addition of sampler boards like this one.

Salami anyone?

Salami anyone? The whole pickled carrot was also a nice touch.

The also have mad sandwich game, with the addition of a seasonal heirloom tomato BLT and a ridiculous version of a steak sandwich with a copious amount of caramelized onions!


Heirloom tomato BLT

Steak sandwich

Steak sandwich




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