2015 Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

The 2015 Atlanta Food and Wine Festival wrapped up another successful run last Sunday, and with the exception of the monsoon on Sunday, it was a glowing success. The event does a great job of bringing a diverse group of chefs and culinary talent from across the southeast to educate and entertain its patrons. This marks my fourth year of attending the festival, and every year it becomes more clear that the classes is what make this jewel shine. The quality of the speakers and the content is worth the price of admission, and each year I come away feeling a little smarter. After the blind tasting class I participated in with¬†Hai Tran, sommelier of the The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, N.C., I am now ready to start training for a role in Somm 2…

The lineup

The lineup


Hai had over 25 different spices, fruits and herbs on hand to help in the education!

Unfortunately I was only able to attend on Sunday this year due to prior commitments, so I only sat in on one class, but the class was great. The tasting tents this year had their usual variety of creative dishes and interesting cocktails, but it felt like they weren’t as spread out as in years past, and the room in-between the tables¬†were pretty tight. At time it felt more like a mosh pit. I realize this was compounded by the rain, but even before hand it wasn’t a great experience.

Look at all the happy faces!

Look at all the happy faces!

Aside from that, the food was good and it’s a good way to try a variety of dishes you might not otherwise be exposed to. The shots below were a few of my favorites:

Potlikker ice being made

Potlikker ice being made

Raw oyster w/ pot likker ice and sea salt

Raw oyster w/ potlikker ice and sea salt

Brisket from Fox Brothers...the best BBQ bite in the tent.

Brisket from Fox Brothers…the best BBQ bite in the tent.

Chef Todd Richards newly appointed at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails in Downtown Atlanta

Chef Todd Richards; newly appointed at White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails in Downtown Atlanta

Korean chicken salad sandwich

Korean chicken salad sandwich

Pulled pork and Mac N Cheese from G.C. BBQ in Roswell and Krog st Mkt

Pulled pork and Mac N Cheese from G.C. BBQ. They have locations in Roswell and Krog St. Market


Zuchinni w/ crema, satay and cracklings

Angel's Wings Bourbon

Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Cute little bourbon mug from Rebel Yell...a little harsh for my liking.

Cute little bourbon mug from Rebel Yell…a little harsh for my liking; Pappy it ain’t.

Poached shrimp w/

Poached shrimp w/ squash puree and candied pecans


Puffed Flour crisps w/ sweet broth, potato and onion

The festival once again has come and gone in a flash; time to start planning for 2016!

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