Don Antonio – Good, Albeit Pricey

Don Antonio popped up in the old STG space a few months back and looks to challenge Antico for neapolitan supremacy. A transplant from New York, DA cooks up several versions of the classic neapolitan style pizza, including a few fried versions. Don’t get me wrong, the pizzas I sampled were good, but at ~$15 each for what amounted to a personal pizza I was a little surprised. I should also mention they have around 60 different pizzas so the menu takes a while to get through. We sampled a margherita and a prosciutto and arugula; both had a solid, slightly charred crust and quality ingredients.

Margherita pizza

Margherita pizza…lacking basil

The prosciutto and arugula was good, but too much of the arugula was burned and the prosciutto was just kind of thrown on top as an afterthought.

Prosciutto and arugula...again stingy with the green

Prosciutto and arugula

If you want to try the fried pizza without a complete commitment, they have a miniature version called “Montanarine”, which is a fried dough puff topped with their Straita tomato sauce, and at a $1 it’s a steal. You could just order 5 – 7 of these, call it a day and still walk out with your wallet!



The restaurant itself is a little smaller than when STG was there and the main dining room is wide open with concrete floors which can cause it to be a little loud when it gets crowded. In the end, we enjoyed our meal but all things considered I would rather go to Antico…if I didn’t have to wait in line…With DA’s entrance, the just opened Varuni Napoli in Morningside, and soon to open Novo, I wonder if there is enough demand to support them all.

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