Hoki – Tomo Replacement in Vinings

Hoki opened earlier this year in the spot vacated by Tomo, and aside from the name on the awning, not much is different, and that’s a good thing; the quality of the fish, consistent service and engaging sushi chefs remain. On my two visits I sampled a few of their nigiri options, uni, some rolls and had a fabulously crunchy okra tempura dish.

Tomo...wait Hoki? I'm confused

Tomo…wait Hoki? I’m confused

Aside from the basic sushi and roll options they offer a variety of very affordable (~$10) bento boxes and noodle dishes like udon and ramen. The menu expands exponentially after dark and includes several traditional izakaya optios like monk fish liver (be careful as I have both really good and really bad) and Hamachi Kama which is an amazing grilled yellow tail cheek served with ponzu. Keep in mind that the prices do up pretty quickly at dinner with most entrees around $20.

Assorted nigiri

Assorted nigiri

Maguro (Tuna)

Maguro (Tuna)

Tempura okra ("Popcorn") I could eat an entire plate of these

Tempura okra (“Popcorn”) I could eat an entire plate of these

Ubiquitous spicy tuna roll

Ubiquitous spicy tuna roll

Uni - sea urchin roe

Uni – sea urchin roe

Both meals were very satisfying and while not a level with Huku or Hayakawa, Hoki is very solid and is a great option for northersiders and for lunch.

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