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Do you like dainty buns filled with meat, kimchi and dumplings in a fast casual setting; if so Yum Bunz is for you! ┬áPlenty has been written about the buns (once prebought and possibly frozen) and the “concept” itself so I’ll stick to the actual food and experience, because that’s all I give a shit about anyway.

Interior shot - cool artwork...worship the bao

Interior shot – cool artwork…worship the bun

I’ve now been three times and each time the long line moved pretty quick and the food (as in fast casual style) was delivered to our table (communal) within a few minutes. The buns (steamed buns with filling) are their calling card, but we found the other menu options to stand out a little more. On one visit they had a steak banh mi as a special that was amazing; crunchy bread, tender steak and full of fresh veggies…not sure if this is still on the menu, but it should be!

Perfect mid-rare steak bahn mi

Perfect mid-rare steak bahn mi

The pork dumplings were also on point as was the kimchi side dish; if you like kimchi, this is some of the better fare I have tried south if BuHi.

Pork dumplings; crispy and juicy

Pork dumplings; crispy and juicy

Solid kimchi

Solid kimchi

Finally to the buns; don’t get me wrong, they were tasty, I just liked the other things I tried better. The dough was still a little thick and it overshadowed the fillings, the best of which was the Mongolian beef.


Mongolian beef bao

Mongolian beef bun

I have tried all of the buns and for the most part they are all pretty good, but the szechuan chicken was neither spicy or tasted of anything szechuan, it was more like chicken pot pie with some Asian spices; it wasn’t bad, it just didn’t remind me of anything at Tasty China.

Overall the food and experience at Yum Bunz was good and I recommend it if you’re in the area and are looking for a quick meal apart from the wasteland of other generic fast casual crap that dots the landscape. Go for the specials and a few of the buns; I have not tried the pho yet, but here it’s pretty solid and will check it out on my next visit.

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