The General Muir – Pastrami Paradise

I’ve been excited to try The General Muir since their opening but unless you live close to the Emory area it’s pretty hard to get to; case in point my 30+ minute drive in little traffic from Vinings. All bitching aside, my group and I were very pleased and it was worth the trip. The lox and smoked salmon plates were the best I have had outside of Manhattan and included all the necessary accompaniments – red onion, capers, tomato, egg, etc!

The East Sider Salmon plate

The East Sider Salmon plate

The GM has everything a true Jewish delicatessen connoisseur could desire, from schmaltz to matza balls to a really tasty reuben that, god forbid, was better than the pastrami on rye…

Reuben - check out the thick cut corned beef and melty cheese!!!

Reuben – check out the thick cut corned beef and melty cheese!!!

We tried the regular pastrami and the pastrami with liver and the liver was great but a litter overpowering for the pastrami; if you like liver, get it and just scrape a little off to enjoy with any left over crust!

Above average regular pastrami on rye

Above average regular pastrami on rye


Pastram with liver...a whole lot of it.

Pastram with liver…a whole lot of it, but damn if that isn’t food porn…

The restaurant itself is part of the ever growing Emory Point live, work, play development that is starting to house some really good eating options. Other important things to know are they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and also have a brisk deli business.

Inside shot - cool lights

Inside shot – cool lights and white subway tile


Store front

Store front

If you’re looking for authentic delicatessen fare and crave the city’s best rueben or pastrami then The General Muir is your place!

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