Rhea’s Burgers – No Frills Brilliance

Is it the slight crunch of bread grilled in butter, the high quality smashed patties or even the raw onions…whatever it is, the burgers at Rhea’s are special…and cheap!

Rhea's in Old Roswell - bastion of burgerdom!

Rhea’s in Old Roswell – bastion of burgerdom!

The original Rhea’s has set on the corner of Canton St and Woodstock Rd in Roswell for as long as anyone can remember; it doesn’t look like much and the sign out front touting “The Best Burgers in Town” long ago lost its luster… Don’t let appearances fool you, this place is about one thing: the burger; sure they have a pretty solid hotdog, but you come here for the Rhea’s special: two smashed patties piled high on grilled bread with raw onions, lettuce, tomato and cheese; at $2.50 for a single and around $4.00 for a double, it’s hard to beat!

Rhea's Special!

Rhea’s Special!

The restaurant itself has a small counter by the grill and a few tables, but that’s about it; it’s old and has the smell of countless years of grease and burger fumes seared into the walls. Jimmy (see below) has manned the helm forever and offers jovial banter from behind the counter that at times borders on trash talk that just adds to the overall experience.




Grill action; and yeah it smells amazing in there...notice there's no vents...

Grill action; and yeah it smells amazing in there…notice there’s no vents…

Besides the burgers, they do offer the aforementioned hotdog, fries and coleslaw; take my advice and stick with the burger and fries, as the coleslaw is an afterthought at best.

If you must...

If you must…

If you go, and you should, they are only open for breakfast and lunch until around 2:00pm. Sit at the counter, order the special, converse with jimmy and just remember his motto (sometimes printed on his shirt) “if you don’t like my food, there’s the door”!

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2 thoughts on “Rhea’s Burgers – No Frills Brilliance

  1. THANK YOU for recognizing Rhea’s! I moved to Virginia 10 years ago, and Rhea’s is the #1 place I make sure to hit when I go back. During high school my friends and I visited there once a week, and Jimmy would often make non-regulars move seats to make room for us. Just an awesome guy running a great burger joint.

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