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On my last trip to NYC I was able to make a stop at Bao Haus, which is an awesome little restaurant off of Union Square serving up steamed buns filled with just about any protein you can think of.

Bao Haus - about two blocks from Union Square

Bao Haus – about two blocks from Union Square

First off, the restaurant is really small and the entire thing, open kitchen and all, would probably fill up the bar area of most restaurants; order at the counter and then sit back and enjoy a heavy, but interesting music rotation of Dipset, Clipse, Ghostface…if you’re aware of their work. They also had a really original and funny rap song about baos (steamed bun) that I’m pretty sure is spelled out on the artwork in the restaurant.

Bao Haus lessons and lyrics to live by....

Bao Haus lessons and lyrics to live by….

But wait, who cares about the tunes and artwork if the food sucks…well it doesn’t and all of the concoctions we tried were well cooked and tasty. First off we enjoyed the Chairman Bao, which consisted of Berkshire pork belly with crushed peanut, cilantro, Haus Relish, and Taiwanese red sugar…amazing.

Chairman Bao...look at that belly!

Chairman Bao…look at that belly!

Next we tried the House Bao which was braised Creekstone beef cheek with the same accompaniments as above…definitely my favorite; incredible juiciness. Apart from the meat itself, the steam buns really make these little guys; they’re perfectly warm, soft and do a great job soaking up the juices without becoming a soggy mess.

Beef Cheek Bao!

Beef Cheek Bao!

Last up was the Adobo Bao served with sweet chili, cilantro, daikon, and cucumber silvers.

Adobo Bao

Adobo Bao

Apart from the above, they have a fried pork chop bao (the Jeremy Lin), several rice bowls and a great selection of Taiwanese sodas.  Eddie Huang and his brother are serving up some damn tasty food at a reasonable price in the LES (Lower East Side) and he’s also a really funny guy and has a show on YouTube called Fresh Off the Boat that’s worth checking out! Oh did I mention they’re open late…like 3am late…yeah this stuff is great drunk food as well. So if you’re just looking for a good, cheap meal or looking to feel your jones after a late night this is your spot!
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