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A meal at the airport is not an occasion most look forward towards and is often viewed as an eat to live sort of mantra. Everyone has memories of over-priced, bland crap…usually burgers, wilted salads or the ubiquitous Velveeta nacho plate. This appears to be changing as many older airports remodel or add new terminals; see some of the new options in Atlanta’s International Terminal with a soon to open branch of Ecco and LaGuardia’s terminal D with a Pat La Frieda’s sandwich & burger spot, Difara pizza spin-off and Crust from bread master Jim Lahey. I had my first decent airport meal at the aforementioned Crust last week and was pleasantly surprised.


Crust is a sit down restaurant serving up fresh sandwiches, made to order pizzas and a selection of fresh bread topped with the likes of olive tapenade, truffle oil and pimento cheese.  While the food wasn’t incredible, it was really good for the airport; the bread was fresh and crisp, the salads bright and vibrant, and the pizza wasn’t limp or rubberized.  

Olive tapenade “toast” – this was really tasty and actually better than the pizza!

I also tried the prosciutto white pizza and the prosciutto panini and both were solid; the prosciutto on both was good quality and again the bread was above average…as it should be if Jim Lahey (Founder of Sullivan Street Bakery) has anything to do with the project!

Prosciutto panini with pickled veggies

While I would never condone eating at the airport, it’s at least nice to know you have some decent options and the future looks bright…at least at these two airports.

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