Fox Bros. BBQ – Comfort Food Redifined

I finally made it down to Fox Brothers and was not disappointed…the smells coming from the rear of the restaurant were worth the trip alone; I loved the huge tent out front for al fresco dining! I of course had to try several of the unique appetizers, including the Lopez and the Frito Pie. For those not in the know, the Lopez is a diabolical combination of crispy tator tots (Lil John, “Yeeeeahhh), brisket chili and melted cheese…JC, this was so unhealthy, but also one of the most addictive, thoroughly satisfying dishes I have had in a long time!

You know you want this…diet be damned!

The Frito Pie was my favorite dish, because it was just so cool and fun; a personal Frito bag stuffed with broken Fritos, brisket chili, cheese, red onion and tomato….what’s not to love!

Frito Pie – brought out my inner child!

I also sampled the brisket, pulled pork, spicy green beans and onion rings…yes this was a little much and the ½ order of the Lopez would have been enough to fill me up and surpass my cholesterol intake for the week!

Spicy green beans – pretty solid, but they were my least favorite side

The brisket and pulled pork were good, but they were both a little dry; I still have yet to find any spot (aside from Heirloom Mkt) that does brisket well.

Brisket/Pulled pork combo

The other interesting item I tried was the smoked wings, which have a great Smokey taste and are basted with an interested tangy/earthy sauce; these are actually somewhat healthy since they aren’t fried….

Smoked chicken wing …you should at least get half a dozen

I would definitely put Fox Brothers in the top five BBQ spots for the atmosphere and creative dishes alone, but their BBQ is hit or miss depending on how close your order is cut after coming from the smoker; on subsequent visits, I found the pulled pork to be more moist. It’s definitely worth the drive if you’re not in the Inman Park area, so check em out!

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