Bone Lick BBQ – Continuing the Trend

There’s a new BBQ joint on the Westside brought to by the folks at P’cheen and it’s making a serious push to move into the tops of Atlanta Q spots.

New and notable!

Bone Lick BBQ was born form the success of P’cheen’s Monday BBQ nights. It’s located at the bottom of the Apex West complex so if you blink you could miss it. The coolest part about the restaurant itself has to be the vintage skee-ball and sit-down Pac-man machines in the back; BBQ, beer and skee-ball…it doesn’t get much better! They also have some interesting décor with chalk board wall covering the entire bathroom where they encourage you to leave messages; funny how when it’s not taboo it stays clean…for the most part.

Yes, I took a picture in the bathroom…is that so wrong?

The menu is pretty similar to most bbq restaurants, and they have several combo/sampler platters including the aptly named Fat Ass Platter that comes with a little of everything. If you order the Fat Ass, be prepared to have the rest of the room be informed, because when the meal is placed in the window the entire crew yells, “ASS” very loud; to be honest it was a little disturbing the first time and a little old after the 7th. Their brisket and burnt ends were by far my favorites with the jalapeno mac and cheese coming in as favorite side.

Jalapeno mac



“Small” sampler platter with tots (yay), chicken and pork

I usually don’t get really excited for one dish, but the burnt ends were incredibly flavorful and juicy and probably win the award for most fancy presentation of a bbq dish. I loved the acidity and the kick of the pico de gallo and it even had a little black bean puree; this is a must order!

Burnt ends; unlike any I’ve had before!

Also on the menu are some pretty solid ribs, smoked pork arepas from the WoW Food Truck (, which are amazing in their own right, and an off the menu food challenge called the Fat Ass Muff…I didn’t even attempt to go there…

Bone Lick’s ribs

As the title of the post implies, Bone lick is another in the line of pretty impressive BBQ joints to open in the metro (Heirloom, GCB, Fox Bros, Community, etc) in the last few years; it wasn’t too long ago that Fat Matt’s was considered the best… Bone Lick is off to a great start, and judged by the lines just a few weeks in, it looks promising…now only if I can get back for a beer and a game of skee-ball!


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