Food Trucks by the Sea

Food trucks are sprouting up everywhere these days, even the beach! Seaside, FL (of Truman Show fame) is supporting about 5 permanent trucks right on the main drag of 30A, just a stone’s throw from the crystal clear waters of the gulf. There’s not a ton of variety, BBQ, grilled cheese, hotdogs, frozen treats and a natural foods/juice bar, but it’s all good and quite affordable considering its surroundings of $21 lobster rolls and $15 turkey sandwiches! The tucks/trailers are all old school stainless steel vessels reminiscent of a 50’s style diner and are open pretty much all day. In my humble opinion, the best of the bunch is Barefoot BBQ, who sports two onsite smokers and cranks out some of the best ribs around!

Barefoot BBQ Trailer

Their ribs are smoked then wrapped in plastic and steamed to create an incredibly juicy, fall off the bone, mouth gusher that you’ve probably never experienced when eating a rib. I was skeptical at first, but man these were good; had I not ordered a brisket sandwich as well, I probably could have downed another rack!

Juiciest ribs ever!

Their mac n cheese with shell pasta was also pretty solid, as well as their brisket sandwich, but neither came close to the ribs. The brisket, while good was a little dry, but to be fair they hadn’t pulled out a fresh batch in several hours when I ordered.

Mac n cheese


Brisket sandwich

Aside from Barefoot BBQ, we tried the grilled cheese truck, The Melt Down. Their prosciutto, goat cheese, arugula and tomato melt hit the spot… there’s just something about freshly melted cheese and crusty bread!

The Melt Down


Prosciutto goat cheese melt…not sure if this is really beach food, but it works!

When visiting Seaside, the trucks are definitely worth a look, especially if you’re trying to be thrifty…just don’t be like me and order three different dishes!
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2 thoughts on “Food Trucks by the Sea

  1. Food trucks are sprouting up everywhere! I think they are the best way for culinary experts to get there food to the public without having to worry about running a full on restaurant. I think this in itself is the appeal of owning and trying theses foods. Many have some really great food to offer. Atlanta’s Food Truck Park has been all the rave for the last past year.

  2. So glad to have you in Seaside! We love Barefoot BBQ and eat there often as we live a few streets away. On your next visit try the pork nachos! They are awesome too! The airstreams have been in place for several years, and you will find a similar plan coming soon to Downtown Pensacola if visiting sometime soon. We also enjoy the Melt-Down and Wild Bill’s Dogs. Probably the healthiest hotdog one can eat! Also try the taqueria across the street called The Taco Bar, where all food menu items are ten dollars or less and delicious! Just dropped my son off at Tech and visited many of your Atlanta dining options! The Spence was wonderful despite mixed reviews I read, Blais very nice to meet, and the staff fantastic. Also enjoyed Miller Union. Look forward to hitting up some of your food trucks next month! Best, Susan

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