Sam’s BBQ 1

In my never ending quest for quality Q, I found myself in Marietta (East Cobb to be exact) at Sam’s BBQ #1. This was recommended by a few friends and I was told they had the best mac n cheese ever…

Come on, who doesn’t love a patriotic pig? If I was giving out stars this would garner one.

Sam’s is in a little strip mall just north of the Johnson’s Ferry and Lower Roswell intersection and you would drive right past it if you’re not looking. It’s an order at the counter joint with a small dining room, so be prepared to wait a little if you go at peak times.  The wait however is worth it, as the food is pretty solid; Brunswick stew is thick and spicy and the pulled pork sandwich is smoky and juicy. I can’t stand BBQ spots with dry pork…it’s just unacceptable, and Sam seems to agree.

Brunswick Stew – I have to order this at ever BBQ joint I go to

Pulled Pork Sandwich – gotta love the Texas toast!

Sam’s is also well known for their ribs, and judging by all of the awards displayed on the trophy wall I would have to say most professionals agree! Their ribs are slow smoked over hickory and have that signature pink smoke ring. They pull away from the bone nicely, and are incredibly juicy; they definitely rate up near the top of what I have tried. But remember BBQ is a finicky thing and you need to get a fresh batch so call or go at the beginning service for your best chances, but they usually have stuff coming off the grill all day.

Award winning ribs…wow I’m starting to drool…

Finally I sampled the famous mac n cheese; large ziti pasta with three kinds of cheese and a crispy crust from the browning of the crown…wow. I’m sure there’s some cream in there as well, so this must be really healthy and good for my heart…


I really enjoyed Sam’s and look forward to going back. Besides great food, they have live music on some nights and Sam himself even teaches BBQ classes on the weekend called Pork U; check out the schedule for both on their website and give them a visit:!
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