5 Napkin Burger – Happy Hour

I first tried one of the original 5 Napkin flagships in Hell’s Kitchen NYC and fell in love with the burger; the caramelized onions, butter roll and big juicy patty were enough to send me back twice during a four day stay! When I heard they were coming to Atlanta I was excited but skeptical that a far-flung chain charging sky high prices for burgers (~$15 on avg) could succeed in Atlanta. The burgers aren’t quite the same and the prices are way too high for this market, but they seem to get a good flow of tourists and those looking for a drink. We were walking by about a week ago after a visit to the park and noticed they had a daily “slider happy hour” with really cheap prices on a handful of items, including drinks, so we decided to give it another try…at least at a fraction of the cost.

You’re better off getting 3 sliders for $6 than paying $15 for one regular burger…

The burgers are pretty similar but will come out a little overdone due to their size so be sure to ask them for one temperature lower; i.e. rare if you want medium rare. The crazy thing is that three of them would just about equal a regular burger…for more less than half of the full cost!

Little bites of goodness!

They also have a pretty solid tuna hand roll (with a generous piece of fish) and wings for $0.50, which are just OK, but I could make a meal out of three or four of the hand rolls!

Apart from the food, there are beer and mixed drink specials as well. The menu runs from 4 – 7  and 9 – close every day and is only served in the bar; for the prices you can’t get much better. I would probably not go back for the regular menu, unless someone else is paying, but would gladly make a return visit to indulge in some quality cheap eats!

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