Mighty Meatballs – Tradition w/ a Twist

Jason and Sean Truelove brought their vision and 101 year old grandmother’s meatball recipe to the masses last month, and first impressions from customers have been pretty favorable!

The Truelove Brothers in front of their mobile meatball coach!

Another shot of the truck

Their menu is pretty basic: One meatball with your choice of style, including traditional Italian, Buffalo, Greek Gyro and Bahn Mi.  The meatball is a little bigger than a golf ball, and comes tucked into some pretty tasty crusty bread topped with your selection.

Mighty Meatball menu - simple is good!

At $3 they are definitely affordable, and I would suggest getting at least two to start; my favorites were the bahn mi and the traditional; incredibly juicy and the homemade sauces really add a lot of flavor and separate them from others I have tried.

Bahn Mi - basil, jalapeno, slaw and sriracha mayo make this meatball my favorite


Buffalo - chicken meatball topped with blue cheese and buffalo sauce


Gyro - beef and lamb meatball with tzatziki sauce


Traditional Italian - grannies favorite w/ pine nuts, raisins, and marinara - old school

You can get the meat balls three ways: naked (no bread), slider with one meatball, or a sandwich with three meatballs; unfortunately I didn’t ask if you could do a combo on the sandwich, but that may not be the best option. Mighty Meatballs is a nice new addition to the food truck scene and I look forward to trying their new concoctions; to find them, follow them on twitter @Mighty_Meatball or check out their schedule on their website: http://www.mightymeatballs.com

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