Happy Belly Food Truck –

Quick, how many food trucks can you name that serve unique offerings made from scratch that are also healthy? Now how many of them cook the food on a Big Green Egg (BGE) that’s surgically implanted in the truck…one: Happy Belly. Terry Hall and team rolled out the Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen a few months back and have already built a loyal following around the city; last week there was line of 50+ at the Food Truck Park waiting for their arrival…

Happy Belly – fresh, local and unique

Happy Belly is much more than just another food truck, heck they don’t even refer to themselves as one, and prefer to use the name curbside (or mobile) kitchen to reflect their vision of service and quality. The team takes orders in front of the truck and not at the window using a wireless device; this not only speeds up service, but creates a personal and engaging connection with the customers that many say is a factor for their loyalty.