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Quick, how many food trucks can you name that serve unique offerings made from scratch that are also healthy? Now how many of them cook the food on a Big Green Egg (BGE) that’s surgically implanted in the truck…one: Happy Belly. Terry Hall and team rolled out the Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen a few months back and have already built a loyal following around the city; last week there was line of 50+ at the Food Truck Park waiting for their arrival…

Happy Belly – fresh, local and unique

Happy Belly is much more than just another food truck, heck they don’t even refer to themselves as one, and prefer to use the name curbside (or mobile) kitchen to reflect their vision of service and quality. The team takes orders in front of the truck and not at the window using a wireless device; this not only speeds up service, but creates a personal and engaging connection with the customers that many say is a factor for their loyalty.

Keeping the customers happy!

Their menu is a little bit larger than other trucks (remember they view themselves as a full service kitchen) and focuses on locally sourced, fresh ingredients that are woven into healthy creative dishes that are more refined than most street food you’ll find in Atlanta. They don’t focus on one type of food (say tacos or meatballs), but rather a style which allows them to offer a variety of dishes from kippered salmon on a kale waldorf salad (yes kale) to pear barbequed pulled pork served on cornbread…definitely not average!

Salmon on kale waldorf salad...I was skeptical but it was really good!

Pulled pork over brussel sprout slaw w/ grilled onions - ridiculously good

In addition to the wonderful items above, I also sampled their burger (The Georgian), which was a short rib-brisket variety with Vidalia onion chutney, ancho chili dressing and cheese…wow, and roasted turkey wrap with napa cabbage-apple slaw,  blue cheese, toasted pecans, and lingonberry coulis…come on now! As you can tell and see, they take a lot of pride in their food and frequently make additions and have daily specials.

The Georgian - the dressing and cheese pushed this one over the top and I would put it in the conversation with most of the top tier burger joints in the metro

The Jive Turkey - loaded with more surprises (good) than Eddie's Trick Shop!

On a separate visit to the Food Truck Park I was persuaded to try their BGE chicken breast with zucchini noodles, pine nuts, basil and chilies! The chicken had that signature smokiness from the BBE and the zucchini noodles almost melted in my mouth; who knew healthy could taste so good!

Grilled chicken w/ zucchini noodles

Happy Belly has been a great new addition to the street food scene in Atlanta and I only hope this is a sign of things to come from them. I have previewed over 30 “food trucks” in the city and can honestly say they are among the top three and will challenge for the top spot at their currently trajectory. It’s great to see people passionate about what they do and then do it; I can’t wait to try what they cook up next. You find them on Twitter @happybellytruck and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HappyBellyTruck.

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  1. Nice review. I haven’t tried nearly as many trucks as you have and wish I had more time to get out to Street Food Thursdays and Food Truck Fridays at Atlantic Station. I’ll have to get to the food park soon.

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