Atlanta Food Truck Park

Food trucks finally have a permanent home in Atlanta; only time will tell if it will rival similar endeavors in Austin and LA, but it’s off to a great start! The new Atlanta Food Truck Park had a soft opening last Friday night that was sponsored by Scoutmob and just about everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Can’t miss the huge billboard on I-75; it has a kind of old school look

The main drag of the Atlanta Food Park

The space itself is really large, coming in at well over an acre; they have onsite parking and an overflow area behind the Shell station (the old Howell Mill Food Park location). The park also includes a large green space that will be the future sight of children’s play area and there are plenty of picnic tables and standing tables from which to eat; hell they even have corn hole…what’s not to love!

Gone are the days of standing and eating when visiting the trucks!

The soft opening featured several trucks including WOW, Honey Suckle, Nana G’s and two new trucks: Happy Belly and Mighty Meatballs! Around 300 Scoutmob VIPs were treated to a sample from each truck, live music and a variety of fun activities. The scene was really cool and attracted a very diverse crowd; young and old, families, loners, hipsters, townies and even some EMOs!

Happy Belly

Happy Belly features the Big Green Egg (BGE) grill, with which they have an exclusive arrangement, and serves up fresh healthy options.  For the opening they had a BGE chicken breast with pesto zucchini noodles; if this is a harbinger of things to come we are all in for a treat, as this was some of the most tasty food truck fare I have sampled!

BGE – it was built into the truck w/ a special ventilation system…how cool is that


The chicken was well seasoned and had that signature BGE smokiness!

Mighty Meatballs is the concoction of the Truelove brothers who are bringing their 101 year old grandmother’s family recipe to the masses. They have several varieties including traditional and a bahn mi option that they served up on Friday night. We will have more extensive coverage and photographs of both new trucks in the coming weeks!

Mighty Meatballs – mighty indeed as the little suckers come in at the size of a tennis ball!

Overall this was a very promising start for the Atlanta Food Truck Park; I can only imagine the long lines and excitement for the grand opening later this week. I really hope the community and city embrace this effort as it would be another notch in Atlanta’s ever growing and impressive food scene; I can’t wait for my next visit!