Pho Dai Loi 2

There are a ton of Vietnamese restaurants in Atlanta serving up various incarnations of their traditional beef noodle bowls called Pho; Buford Highway is home to at least a dozen or so on its own. So how does one decide amongst so many choices…I would suggest trying several, because several are solid (Pho 96, Pho Bac) and everyone has an opinion, but if you don’t have time and/or just want the best than just go to Pho Dai Loi 2 and forget the rest!

Pho Dai Loi 2

For those new to Pho it’s basically a soup with noodles, basil, cilantro, chili, bean sprouts and Sawgrass. At Pho Dai Loi you can get it with your choice of meat (flank, round eye, tripe etc.) and it’s served with limes, sprouts and additional basil on the side; they also have an assortment of chili oils, pastes and flakes if you want to kick it up a notch. The flank and round eye combo is probably the most popular and the safest for non-adventurous types. Warning, this stuff is addictive; the combination of the spices with the fragrance of the herbs and the silkiness of the broth is pure magic that will leave you wanting more and the ill-advised bravado to try and finish the mammoth bowl.

The medium is plenty big at about 4 – 5 cups, and the large is just ridiculous!

If you want to get crazy they have a few tripe options (none for me please) and even a Bun Bo Hue which is a really spicy version with liver, kidney, tripe and other assorted goodies. I had one bite and that was enough for me; the broth itself was very thick and almost blood like with a heavy gamey taste that was somewhat offset by the herbs and the spiciness of the dish. I’m not saying this was bad, as some people really like this stuff, it just wasn’t for me.

Bun Bo Hue: reserved for the brave and iron-stomached


Apart from the noodle bowl selections, they offer meat and chicken plates as well as a small selection of appetizers, including fresh spring rolls with shrimp, egg rolls and what can only be described as a fried shrimp wonton. We sampled each and they were all pretty solid; the spring rolls were light and fresh, the egg rolls were crispy and full of flavor, but the shrimp rolls were my favorite. They were fried well and the shrimp was fresh and seasoned better than the other two dishes, which lacked a wow factor.

Spring rolls: delicate and fresh, but they really needed the sauce to bring them to life


Egg Rolls: 2nd best app on my list

Shrimp roll: Asian version of fried shrimp with veggie stuffing!

The one main plate selection we tried was the coconut chicken that was served with rice and a little fresh vegetable medley. It was sweet and spicy at the same time, but not too hot; like a lot of their dishes, this one too had really intense flavors and was well seasoned.

Coconut Chicken


To wrap up a perfect meal at Pho Dai Lao, you should try a Vietnamese coffee or one of the fruit/tapioca laced bubble teas which are really refreshing and work well as a palate cleanser. If you want really good coffee and a pick me up comparable to a really, really strong espresso, go with the coffee and you won’t be disappointed!

Vietnamese Coffee: a little Franco influence in action

Pho Dai Loi 2 is great place for those interested in exploring Vietnamese cooking for the first time and for Pho experts alike. It’s large, clean and the service is attentive and knowledgeable.

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One thought on “Pho Dai Loi 2

  1. Topical! I went to Pho Da Loi #2 earlier this week, decided to be adventurous, and ordered Bun Bo Hue. Waitress, expressionless: “You want everything with that?” Me: “Sure!”

    The bowl arrives. I eye the cubes of congealed blood and the gelatinous…thing in the middle. I taste it…one sip is enough for me. I push the white noodles around in the red broth for a while.

    Then I get up, pay, leave, and grab a banh mi at Lee’s.

    Oh well – live and learn!

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