Food Trucks @ Underground Atlanta

Every Wednesday Underground Atlanta is now hosting 6 – 7 trucks on Upper Alabama Street! I don’t know about you, but I have not been to Underground in over 7 years, and for good reason; crappy food, sense of security, etc. However, this weekly event should really not be associated with Underground save for the fact they are the host location.  Some positives about this location include plenty of parking and convenient access to the interstates if you want to drive over and check it out; they also have a lot more tables set up and tons of police and security officials milling around from the nearby state capital and court house.

Upper Alabama Street – I like the location for it’s easy access, parking and open space

Last week there were several new food trucks there, including the debut of the All Banged Up & Mashed truck which was pedaling traditional English fair; fish & chips, Bangers & Mash (sausage and mashed potatoes) and …Chicken Tikka Masala…not sure how this fits, but oh well.  I have not tried any of their food, but am planning a more in-depth article on them and the other new trucks in the coming weeks!

It’s pretty ballsy to name your truck after your signature dish…it had better be damn good!

Some other new entrants included Yoli’s (Latino street food), and Nana G’s Chicken & Waffles (pretty sure I don’t need to go into detail about what they serve); Buenprovecho (Puerto Rican) and Just Loafin (NOLA style sandwiches) were also there.

Yoli – I’m interested to try their Cuban and see how it compares with some of the better ones around town

I did have a nice talk with one of the brothers behind Nana G’s as he was out front with a plate of freshly fried chicken samples speaking with customers (what a novel idea…), and if the sample was any indication of their product, they may have something worth checking out!

Nana G’s – I love their truck, and yes there is an actual Nana and it’s a secret family recipe!

Last, but certainly not least, I checked out the Buenprovecho truck that was serving up traditional Puerto Rican food like maduros, roasted pork and plenty of fried finger food like empanadas, sorullos (sweet corn fritters) and Tostones!

Buen Provecho Truck

I tried the Sorullos, the meet filled fried potato ball, and an interesting empanada that was one of the more sinful bites have had in a while…I know, real healthy! Everything was perfectly fried, and the combo of the crunch, warm ground meat and melty cheese made the empanada my favorite!

Ay Dios mio! My mouth is watering just looking at this photo again…

All in all, it was a good trip to Underground, and the amount of new food trucks that are coming on the scene is crazy; we have to be near 40+ at this point. It’s good and bad, as it seems that just about anybody thinks they can start a food truck, and it’s obvious in the poor quality of the food from a few trucks. On the good side, more trucks means more competition from both a price and quality perspective which will be good for the community. If you want to navigate the waters and be able to find out which trucks are worthy, continue to read the Food Truck Friday articles and check out the entire series on the Food Truck page on ! To find out which trucks will be serving at Underground visit The Atlanta Street Food Coalition website: . For those who have visited the 12th and Peachtree location last fall, you will be glad to hear that it is now back up and operational; see more here:!