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Here’s a close up of the menu so you can see exactly what’s in the dishes.

Close up shot of the menu

I sampled all three and I must say, while all were solid, the tikka masala was my favorite. The chicken was cooked perfectly; juicy and full of flavor from the spicy curry sauce! I also have to admit that at first (in a previous post) I wasn’t sure how this item fit with traditional pub food, but I was roundly criticized and schooled by some of our English readers (yes we actually have folks that follow the site over the pond)! The dish originated through Indians immigrating to Britain following WWII; since then the British people have adopted it as one of their national dishes.

Chicken Tikka Masala – I love the heat, but it’s not overpowering

Their namesake dish, bangers and mash, was very simple; they use high quality, locally sourced pork sausage and cook traditional mashed potatoes like Paula Deen – full of cream and butter. However, my favorite part was the onion gravy, it really brought the sausage and potatoes together and added a ton of flavor…you will want to sop it up with a biscuit…if they only had any.

Bangers & Mash – be warned, this is not a small portion

Last but not least is the dish most people associate with English food and which stirs fierce debate among its followers: the fish & chips. Banged up uses a simple recipe and fries up the cod to a crispy golden brown in a tempura like beer batter which leaves the fish flaky and moist. Their chips are also fresh cut every day and are of a generous size.

Fish and Chips; I coulsd eat this twice a week, but I would probably die at a young age…

With the onset of Atlanta’s second fish and chips truck, it will be interesting to see which the locals favor most. The Mobile Marlay ( has been around a lot longer and their fish, while similar, is a little different and maybe even fried a little longer; of course neither would divulge the totality of their batter ingredients! I actually like them both, but will need a future side by side tasting to form a true picture.

Money Shot!

You can find them on the Atlanta Street Food Coalition calendar ( and/or like them on FB ( Either way, they are a good new entrant to the food truck scene and a little competition can only make everyone better!

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