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Most Atlantans have never been to Super H, which is a shame, but even fewer know that they have a food court that boasts a wide variety of traditional Asian dishes, from Pho to Korean BBQ! There are 5 locations in the metro (Doraville, Suwanee, Riverdale, John’s Creek & Duluth) and they stock a huge variety of hard to find produce, fresh fish (some are even live), spices/sauces/oils, and many rare cuts of meat. The food court lies just beyond the cash registers and you are forced to walk by it on your way to the exit; the smells and vibrant colors alone should make one want to investigate further.

The many & varied food stalls that make up the Super H food court

There are six stalls in total and they range from traditional Korean to sushi to Vietnamese to Japanese teriyaki & yakatori, so there’s a little something to please everyone. On this particular visit we hit up the Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese Stalls; they all have picture menus with numbers so even gringos can feel somewhat confident in ordering…

Order by numbers…I’m getting #24 next time, because glazed pigs feet can’t be bad right?

I decided to go with the Korean short rib bbq combo and it literally came with over 7 different types of food…all for like $8!

Short rib combo platter - really, the ribs and rice would have been enough!

The combo came with the ribs, sushi rice, two dumplings, an order of kimchee potatoes and radish, soup, a Korean version of potato salad and some orange segments to cleanse the palate. The short ribs were great; well flavored, a little crispy and the meat was surrounded by ubiquitous chewy connected issue that is a signature of this dish. Everything else was good, with the exception of what I can only call a warm mashed potato salad and the miso like broth that was a little too fishy for my taste. My advice would be to stick with the mains and don’t get a combo or a platter.

I also decided it would be a good idea to try some pho, which is a traditional Vietnamese broth with noodles, spices and various cuts of protein; of course I made this decision before I actually saw the short rib platter.  I went with the spicy rare beef pho which was topped with red onion, a variety of spice and basil.

Spicy rare beef pho…amazing depth of flavor…and spice

The broth had great flavor and a parting of the noodles gave way to thin slices of well spiced, tender beef that provided a nice texture contrast to the broth and the noodles. Speaking of the noodles, they were long and thin and had a very light feel to them; almost like angel hair pasta, but lighter. This dish definitely had some kick, as evidenced by my choking when I tried the first bite with a dry mouth…but it wasn’t too hot and was some of the best Pho I have had in a while; oh and it was $5 and I took nearly ¾ of it home.

Other dishes sampled were a Hunan chicken plate and bulgogi in clay pot, both of which were well seasoned and had deep flavors.

Bulgogi – it was literally boiling out of control

The Bulgogi (marinated, bbq beef) in clay pot had cabbage, noodles and veggies and was served on a hard boil. The poor gentleman that ordered the dish literally had to wait 30 minutes before he could even eat it; needless to say lunch ran long!

The Hunan chicken was pretty basic, expect the chicken had a lot of flavor and the veggies were crisp, and not left in a pot all day to turn to mush…like most Chinese joints that serve this stuff.

Hunan Chicken…if you must

The food court offers tons of options, and the staff is friendly and more than willing to talk about any dish if asked. Almost everything we tried was good, and although they frowned on my picture taking, everyone was very nice and accommodating. One other important thing you should know is that they have live karaoke in the food court on Saturdays…imagine grown Korean men belting out Journey…while others totally ignore them and eat…you get the picture. You should definitely check out the Super H for the groceries and then stay for lunch…and maybe a show!


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