Food Trucks @ 12th & Peachtree

Food trucks began invading midtown last spring with a weekly lunch session at the High Museum every Thursday, and while a good location, parking was an issue, as well as space. For the past few months an empty lot at 12th and Peachtree has filled the void and it offers a lot more options!

12th and Peachtree lot; look at all the parking!

The first thing that becomes apparent is the free parking in the lot itself; unfortunately I found out about this much too late and was able to make an involuntary donation of $25 to the city…there are plenty of spots in the back so just go down 12th and take a left into the lot. The other great thing about the size of the area is that allows for many more trucks than other locations, which equals more variety; on the two days I went there were about 12 – 15!

Front side of the lot

The options range from tacos ( (, fish and chips ( sandwiches, Puerto Rican fare and tamales ( to BBQ ( and just plain wonderful concoctions from WOW (! The Street Food Coalition has even secured some tables so you don’t have to just hold your food, which is a good thing since many newcomers are serving up entire plates!

Ibiza Bites Truck – can’t really hold their offerings in one hand!


Awesome shrimp & sausage ravioli from Ibiza!


Incredible shrimp cake & grits frm WOW…definitely one of my favorite trucks!

The hours are from 11:00 – 2:00 every Thursday, so go early before the lines start forming! I also encourage people to go with a group so you can try a bunch of different things; be sure to follow your favorite trucks on Twitter to find out their latest locations!

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