Mobile Marlay – Spreading Irish Love Across the Metro

If you love fish and chips, or just have a slight curiosity from stories told by friends, you have to check out the Mobile Marlay food truck. I will go on record stating that they have the best fish and chips I have had in Atlanta…by far!

For those that don’t know, the Mobile Marlay is an extension of The Marlay House ( which is a traditional Irish pub outside of Decatur, GA. Colin Comer and his family moved to GA straight from Ireland and wanted to bring a little slice Irish heritage to the lower 48. They received a lot of great accolades about their traditional Irish fare and decided to bring it to the rest of the city via truck; their timing could not have been better, as they rode the wave that was, and still is, the food truck explosion in Atlanta. They along with others will be on upcoming episodes of Food Network’s & Cooking Channel’s Eat Street later this March (!

Gotta love the old school truck with the cartoon graphics!

 Not only are Colin and fam awesome people, but they churn out some incredible fried delicacies including the aforementioned fish and chips, cod cakes, & risotto balls! They make everything fresh and even cut their own cod… if you’re not sure what that means, don’t ask.

Cod, you know you're drooling...

Not only are they served on kitschy news paper, they actually taste amazing and are served with a spicy mayo (secret ingredients) that pushes this to one of my favorite bites I had on the Eat Street shoot…yeah I had two servings!

This is a sample menu of several fried treats from the aforementioned fish and chips to cod cakes and risotto balls; there are also some unique offerings like the Bailey’s Crème Brulee!


Back to the whole reason I wrote this article…the mind blowing, just going to have one bite…oh sh*t I have to eat it all fish & chips!

Look at it...just look at it and bow

When you bite through the crispy, Guinness laden dough your mouth immediately heats up from the moisture captured by the perfect encasing that transforms into an incredible creamy delight that retains enough texture to remind you that you are actually eating fried fish!

OMG, you can see the moisture and taste the Guinness batter!!!

Not that you couldn’t already tell, but I have dreams about this fish and they all end with me not getting the fish…:(  The people serving it are incredibly laid back and conversational as well and you should talk with them about their craft.

Service with a smile!

The Mobile Marlay can be found all over town and is easily found by following them on Twitter @themobilemarlay ! They are another great addition to the Atlanta food truck scene, and they have a cool fish mascot who drinks Guinness!

The Uptown Cod!



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