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The AJC recently bestowed the title of  “Best Ribs” in Atlanta to Marietta based Grand Champion (GC) BBQ, so being the lover of pork that I am and always wanting to compare the best to my efforts, I made a special trip up to check them out. Robert Owens & Gregory Vivier opened GC in July of this year (2011) and have been receiving accolades ever since.

Not much to look at out front (they're also next to a $tree), but the inside is captivating!

The first thing that hits you is the smell of the cue and the sight of several absurdly large pies on the countertop; each piece is enough for a family of four. Unfortunately I was way too full to try them, but the couple next to us assured me of their quality and I will be back to sample them.

Pecan in its own juices...if that doesn't make you're mouth water you have issues


There are at least 5 apples in that one piece...

The restaurant itself is tucked away in a strip mall and is rather small. It’s an order at the counter joint with booths and even a picnic table in the back to provide a little nostalgia; you definitely get the “I’m at a good friend’s house/family BBQ, except these folks can actually cook” feel.

Wall artwork - I just really liked the way this pic came out so added it...

On this quick visit, we sampled the aforementioned ribs, the pulled pork sandwich and a few of the sides. Let’s just cut to the chase and go straight to the ribs!

Award winning ribs

They had a nice char and pulled away from the bone with ease, but you could actually pick them up without the pork falling apart, which I like…people that boil ribs make me want to puke. They don’t overpower the pork with a strong dry rub either; the smoke and the flavor speak for themselves. Were the best ribs I have ever tried…no, but they’re pretty damned good and I will order them again. The pulled pork was also good; it was moist, had good flavor and was served on toast which I prefer to an oversized bun that turns the sandwich into a carb-fest.

Check out the hunk of juicy goodness...I am really craving BBQ as I write this...

GC serves up traditional BBQ sides: mac n cheese, baked beans, collards, Brunswick stew, etc, but their coleslaw was amazing; it was chunky and had a sweet taste from either pear or jicama…it even included poppy seeds.

One of the best coleslaw dishes I have ever tried!

GC also sells meat by the pound and has three sizes of sides; they also do different things around the holidays like turkeys. I was very pleased with my first visit to GC and am looking forward to going back in the coming weeks. They are a welcome addition to the BBQ scene in the metro and I highly encourage folks to check the out!

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