Tex’s Tacos – A Pictorial of the Entire Menu

I had the pleasure of working with Tex’s Tacos (for the 2nd time) last week before and during the filming Cooking Channel/Food Network’s Eat Street. In advance of the show I met Mac and Harrison at their Buckhead commissary to eat through their entire menu so I could refresh my palate memory in advance of the shoot. What follows is basically just their menu in pictures:


Menu - including a few new items for the show


Carne asada, with lime splashed skirt steak, guac, cilantro and cheese


Tequila lime chicken w/ pico, cheese and cilantro


Pastor de Puerco - slow roasted pork with pinapples, cheese and cilantro



Grilled Chicken Quesadilla - made with a secret mixture of four cheeses and grilled onions


Pulled pork taco w/ slaw. The Q is from Low Country BBQ, whom they have a partnership with


Chicken Fresca, similar to tequila lime, without the tequila and lime...


Carne Asada Quesadilla - same filling as the chicken, and just as delicious!



Last up was the veggie, it was good, but I don't believe in veggie tacos...


Tex’s Tacos cooks everything fresh, everyday from scratch; if there’s anything left at the end of the day it gets thrown out. To find out more on them see our previous post: http://www.atlfoodsnob.com/?p=1644 .


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