Eat Street in ATL – Behind the Scenes

New – The following article was posted during the filming last fall, and the air times are finally here; the show comes on Tuesday @8:00pm on The Cooking Channel and will feature the following Atlanta trucks:

8/21 – Tex’s Tacos

8/28 – Ibiza Bites

9/4 – WOW Food Truck

The Mobile Marlay was featured last week, and re-runs have been showing all week. All in all I was pretty please with the show and they did a great job highlighting the diversity of the trucks and the people behind them.

For those of you who have been under a rock the past week, Food Network/Cooking Channel was in Atlanta to film an episode of their popular street food show, Eat Street. The show travels around North America in search of unique street food and folks with interesting stories. While in Atlanta, they showcased some of our best food trucks: Tex’s Tacos, WOW, the Mobile Marlay, Buen Provecho and Ibiza Bites. I was asked to serve as the “local food expert” based on our previous work with some of the trucks and our general coverage of the ever expanding food truck scene in Atlanta! The following pictures provide a little glimpse into the week’s events and a behind the scenes look at the filming.

Wendy and the WOW Truck serving one of their many fans!

The film crew shot in several locations around town including the Howell Mill Food Park, Virginia Highlands, King Plow and Tower Place. The Wow truck (above) was featured at Tower place and had long lines all afternoon including an appearance by local city councilman (and food truck champion) Kwanza Hall, who stopped in to speak about the trucks and to sample WOW’s dish which bares his namesake, the Kwanza Bowl! For those interested it has a base of roasted potatoes topped with your choice of meat, cheese, bacon and their now famous “Kicky Sauce”.

Councilman Hall enjoying the aformentioned Kwaza Bowl!

The show focuses on what makes the trucks, and the people behind, unique then shows segments on food prep and public opinion; they seemed almost too interested in getting shots of people actually eating the food…which was quite messy at times! It will be interesting to see how it all comes together and how many of the shots make it past the cutting room floor.

This was in Virginia Highlands… the poor guy had to take multiple close ups with juices and food bits rolling off his chin

I attended/participated in the filming from Saturday through Monday, and it was great to see the excitement from the truck operators and the locals, as they got a chance at their “15 minutes”. There were even a few funny/awkward situations where people either demanded that they or their kids should be on TV or that, “it was a crime” that xyz truck was not being featured. Do people actually think production crews just show up without any preplanning and just shoot gorilla style…yes? I’m pretty sure one woman almost came to tears because The Fry Guy had “been shunned” in her words.

Warning…Small child being exploited!



Mac, one of the Tex’s Taco’s Operator/Owners – think he’s happy to have this opportunity?

The trucks did a good job using Twittter and Facebook to publicize the events (as most were not at normal food truck locations and/or were not at their usual times), but there was hardly any promotion from The Cooking Channel or Food Network; I think I saw one re-tweet from The Cooking Channel for a tweet by one of the trucks. The lack of promotion however didn’t stop Tex’s Taco’s fans from coming out in droves on Saturday @ Howell Mill; they had lines over a hundred folks deep most of the day…it did help that they were giving away some items for free…

More of the Tex’s Taco’s Posse getting their game face on…


The crowd @ Tower Place to see WOW’s TV debut

The only location that wasn’t packed was the Sunday shoot in Virginia Highlands; apparently the production crew didn’t consult with the football gods to realize you can’t go up against a Falcon’s home game…especially against the hated Saints; real brain fart moment on someone’s part. But hey most of the crew was Canadian, and no watches football up there so…

Shot of the tired crew starting to drag ass

The trucks mainly served up their usual fare, but the show wanted to add some additional dishes to make the cooking and prep scenes more interesting/appealing; I will be interested to see if any of them remain on the menu. The Mobile Marlay added a cod cake and a fried fish taco, which were both pretty good. Tex’s Tacos had a dessert quesadilla with chocolate, banana, and peanut butter…pretty sure this ain’t sticking around. They also had some really good breaded fries that were topped with carne asada, cheese and guac (basically nachos, but with fries). Considering I saw several people actually drooling over these and the fact they sold out both days, leads me to believe they might be a contender.

The Mobile Marlay’s updated menu – yes the Baily’s Creme brulee was tasty

The show wrapped up shooting yesterday and will air sometime in December. Eat Street airs on The Cooking Channel @ 8:00 pm on Tuesdays and at 9:00 pm on Fridays on Food Network Canada (some love for all my Canadian readers!). Follow me on Twitter @atlfoodsnob or any of the trucks to get updates!


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