In N Out Burger – Best Cheap Eats Around

Most have heard about the legend that is In-N-Out Burger (yes N and not N) and many I’m sure have chronicled its history and “culinary” achievements, but this was my first taste and what follows was my experience…on two separate visits thank you.

Like a light in the desert...or a weird omage to Star Trek

First off I would like to say this was some great adventure where I went across country to rekindle old friendships (that was the plan…but it fell through), when in reality I was holed up at a conference in a hotel surrounded by the worst thing imaginable for a food loving person….high end chains; they not only serve you mediocre food, but they rip you off as well…all with a smile.   On a whim, I grabbed the rental, insurance in tow, and headed to a “seedier” part of town (town will go unmentioned, but it’s somewhere where a large theme park and crappy reality show started) to find the nearest In-N-Out Burger! With the huge influx of burger joints in Atlanta, I figured I should try the place I had heard so much about from my west coast friends.

The restaurant, not really sure it qualifies, itself was old school and could have been transplanted from the 60s. The menu was pure and simple, with two options; hamburger or cheeseburger…of course you could get a double! They were also health conscious enough to provide the caloric intake so you could see how fat you would be getting with each additional patty!

Awesome menu, yet it still took some folks several minutes to order...bless their hearts

On my first visit I just had a burger and fries, but on the second I grabbed a cheese and a normal burger, as I really didn’t care too much for the fries. The other two interesting things about the place, were the fact that they had someone with a headset and laptop standing in the drive-through taking orders and there were literally 20+ folks working in the back…so why the hell did it take 10 minutes for my order damnit!

Holy shit...look at all those kids..what were they doing????

The burgers themselves definitely lived up to their reputation and were juicy and full of flavor. The veggies are all cut fresh and were another differentiator and the option with onions provide great crunch and a sweet, pungent kick to the burger. The cheese burger was by far my favorite and the juice literally ran down my fingers.

Damn, you know you want one of!

I am really pissed however, because I found out (after the fact) there was an off menu item…the monster burger…with three patties and special sauce! Not sure how I would have fit it in my mouth, but at least gives me another reason to go back. Are they the best burgers in the world; no, but they are pretty damn good, and for the price beat anything in the ATL. In-N-Out is definitely worth the trip if you’re in the area, and if you get the monster…let me know how it works out for ya!

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6 thoughts on “In N Out Burger – Best Cheap Eats Around

  1. Great blog, but you missed another In N Out off menu specialty…Animal Style! You’ll have to ask for this on your next visit. Trust me, it’s worthy.


  2. yep, plenty of items on In N Out’s ‘secret menu’, which is not so secret, considering they have several of the items even listed on their official website. i’ve never heard anything referred to as the ‘monster burger’, and i’d have to wager that you’d get some raised eyebrows from the counter if you ordered it as such.. what you’re referring to is what In N Out devotees and employees know as the ‘three by three’. to me, the best possible In N Out meal is a ‘3×3’ with grilled onions (far superior to the raw version here) and ‘fries light’.. if you had the fries, you probably noticed that they taste like cardboard. ordering them ‘light’ fixes it.

    there’s a pretty good rundown of the secret menu here: enjoy on your next visit! oh, and be sure to google a picture of the famous ‘100×100’ in n out experiment (which they, sadly, no longer will fulfill)

  3. i fuckin l;ove pplace so much l;ike i totally go here oll the tiiiiimmme!!!! i wish i workied here cuz i would so totally eat all the food in the back room without people looking! i would eat all the fuckin fries and all the fuckin milkshaQues. I tink imma go and robb you guys cuz i neecd food and im broke and very veeerry hungry. this isnt my internet im at the public strip club1 woot! woot!

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