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Tucked into a little strip off of Hammond Dr, OU for U serves up a variety of Jewish vegetarian deli classics. When I was told that the menu was unique, I knew I had to try it but was still rather skeptical when I pulled up. I can definitely say that I’ve never been to a vegetarian Jewish deli, but I’m pretty sure it was the real deal by the number of long beard and yamaka sightings.

They have all the classics including the Malawach, Sabich and Falafel; one of which I pronounced as “sa – bitch”; I was promptly corrected and embarrassed. The deli itself is rather small with a walk-up counter and a self serve condiment station that has pickled veggies and even a spicy jardinière I could have made a meal of. The following is a sample of what we tried; first up was the aforementioned Sabich:

Sabich - awesome pita pocket stuffed with veggies

The sabich was served in a perfectly cooked, and fresh, pita pocket complete with fried eggplant, egg, hummus and a host of fresh veggies. At first I figured this was going to be really bland and even Subway-esque; thankfully it had a ton of flavor, and at less than $5 was worth taking a flyer on.

Greek Sandwich

Since I only spent $5, I also tried the Greek sandwich, which was amazing. It too was filled with fresh veggies, including eggplant and zucchini; it also had a really good olive spread (supposedly homemade) that gave it a great salty kick. This too was rather cheap at $7, and it came with chips!

Malawach - flaky fried dough heaven

Next was the malawach, which was described as flaky fried dough that’s really good; I guess there has to be something unhealthy in a vegetarian joint…

I almost neglected one of their greatest condiments, which were the little spicy jars of Schug that is made from fresh hot peppers seasoned with coriander, garlic and various spices and is very popular in the Middle East.

Schug - Hebrew's version of Srirach, and just as good

The restaurant is also certified by the Atlanta Kashrut Commission and their work is performed under strict rabbinical supervision and all Jewish law…not that I know what that entails, but they’re mighty proud of it! If you’re looking for this type of food, it’s worth the drive OTP (barely), and if you’re in the area, it’s definitely a good choice from the ordinary crap that surrounds it!

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2 thoughts on “l’chaim – OU for U

  1. Very interesting! I’ll have to try the offerings you’ve pictured. They look so fresh and tasty. I agree, the surrounding area lacks in originality food-wise. So, if it’s not pronounced as “sa-bitch”, how is it actually pronounced? I don’t want to be embarrassed! Thanks!

    • Hi there!

      It’s hard to spell out phonetically, but the “Ch” part is pronounced a bit like you’re clearing your throat.

      The “Sabi” part sounds like you probably imagine. :)

      Hope that helps.

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