Food Trucks @ Galleria – Almost OTP Baby

Continuing our series on the food truck scene in Atlanta, we turned our focus on the relatively new lunch spot in Cobb County by the Cobb Galleria. Finally, after many cries from the public, a location has moved closer to the burbs to allow more folks to experience the food truck phenomenon!

Shaded seating area – take that Woodruff!

The location is just next to the Galleria off of Cobb Parkway @ 300 Galleria Pkwy and probably has the nicest setting of all of the truck locations to date. It’s set in a beautifully manicured garden/ park with plenty of shade, seating and even fountains and is surrounded by office buildings.

The setting is very peaceful, and there are no exhaust fumes to breath in!

Since this location is a little smaller, there are only four trucks currently, but they have good variety with Yumbii (, Champion Cheesesteaks (, Hail Caesar (Coming Soon) and Honey Suckle (

Honey Suckle’s Khatera offering up cool treats!

Hail Caesar – think they serve salad???

As usual, Yumbii is hogging the crowd!

The other nice thing about this location is the parking situation; there is a covered deck right past the trucks on the right that’s free. Then you just walk through the lobby of the building in front of the deck and out into the garden area! It may be a haul for some, but if you’re within a ten minute drive it definitely merits a stop. I would also be remiss to not mention the other great news for Atlanta, which was the loosening of time limit restrictions on food truck locations. Instead of having to move every four hours, they will now be allowed to stay almost the entire day on private property; follow this link to read the entire article: This is definitely a step in the right direction for the food scene in Atlanta; this along with the forthcoming Sunday alcohol sales votes will start to take us out of the dark ages!

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