The Pup Truck – All Meat, No Filler

Who doesn’t love hotdogs, especially ones served with love from a food truck window? The Pup Truck will satisfy all of your tubular cravings with their array of dogs and brats. They have been roaming the streets of Atlanta since April and offer only locally made, 100% meat products in natural casings; this is the key to the great snap you get bite after bite.

Pup Truck – open for business!

The team behind the Pup Truck, Don and Donna, couldn’t have come from more different backgrounds; Don was a builder for over 30 years and Donna ran an upscale catering company for 14! They are both full of energy and very engaging; even though I spent less than an hour with them, I felt like part of the family. This is the kind of attention they pay to their food as well; everything has a purpose and they are always thinking of new combinations and contrasts.

Don and Donna…yes these are their real names!

Don, sporting his wares!

Every dog on the menu is named after a real breed, including the bulldog with onion and chili and the pit-bull with pulled pork! As stated before, the key is the jumbo all beef dogs that are hand-made; the snap as your teeth break through the casing, followed by the juice and meat is just awesome.

Chiwawa with jalapenos and cheese – looks a little better than The Varsity eh?

The Bulldog with homemade chili – look at the size of that thing!

They can also make made to order dogs and have a complete range of toppings from kraut to peppers. In addition to their normal menu, they also have daily specials!

Naked dogs – and you can tell your mom that you will clean your plate!

The dog is but a canvas for your creativity, but a pretty tasty canvas none the less!

The Pup Truck can also be seen on the set of the new Cameron Diaz Movie, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, filming around Downtown the last few weeks; rumor has it that the truck may even make an appearance in the movie! Food trucks in Atlanta have truly come a long way in just a few short months! Apart from movie sets, you can find the Pup Truck at many of the Food Truck events around town; follow them on Twitter (@thepuptruck) or on Facebook ( to get the latest info on locations and menus. Don and Donna are truly great people who are cranking out some pretty tasty fare; if you stop by be sure to strike up a conversation and tell um the snob sent ya!

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