Yumbii – Food Truckin Before Food Truckin was Cool!

Anyone who has followed the food truck scene in Atlanta has surely run across Yumbii’s bright orange and blue truck. They were one of the first food trucks solely dedicated to Atlanta when they rolled out last summer (June 2010), and if you ask owner Carson Young, they were the first…period!

Yumbii Truck

Front view of the truck

Like most people these days, Carson got a job working for “The Man” in cubicle land after finishing school and quickly realized it was not going to work. He quit his job and spent the next year in LA researching food trucks; for those not in the know, LA has one of the most vibrant street food cultures and many of the trucks in Atlanta were sourced from there. Research complete, he returned to Atlanta and Yumbii was born; don’t read anything into the name however, as there is no special meaning…unless they just refused to share it with us!

Carson and Truck

Yumbii has partnered with Chef Thomas Lee of Hankook Taqueria fame (see past article: http://www.atlfoodsnob.com/?p=566) to dole out their delicious brand of Asian fusion tacos. Their menu has taco, burrito and quesadilla versions of Asian rib-eye, spicy pulled pork, chicken and tofu. They also have some very tasty sesame fries that are dusted with chili flakes and a dash of soy. In my humble opinion, the pork is the best; slow roasted and covered in spicy Korean style BBQ sauce. They also offer various sides and have a wide selection of chips and drinks to satisfy most any appetite.

Tofu tacos – I am really hungry right now…

View from the reach-in

Word has it that they will be debuting their second truck, a collaboration with Café at Pharr, this fall that will feature a rotating menu. Until then, you can find them at most of the food truck events around town and at local festivals. Check out their website (http://yumbii.com/) or follow them on Twitter (@yumbii) for the latest updates on locations and new menu items! Oh, they’re also hiring so for anyone out there that wants to know what it’s really like behind the scenes…this is your chance!

Yumbii Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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