WOW – Check Out Those Arepas!

Slow roasted meats sandwiched between corn dough buns, homemade donuts, tomato pies and a “Dog Bowl”…what the #!@# do these have in common? These are all wicked tasty creations being served up through the window of the newly christened WOW food truck!

WOW truck whipping out arepas!

Everyone has an inflection point at sometime during their life, and for Wendy Cross it was the real estate collapse in 2009; as she so eloquently put it, “I left a really bad career for a really risky one!” She then became a partner in a restaurant in Decatur called Duck’s Cosmic Kitchen and discovered her love for Arepas, the WOW truck’s main attraction, on accident while visiting her brother in NYC.  She was directed to an Arepa truck and at first bite she was hooked; tender, slow roasted meat affectionately wrapped in a blanket of baked corn goodness! And with that, the WOW food truck concept was born and rolled out in Atlanta at the end of June.

The truck itself was hand painted by artist Greg Mike and the ABB agency, and as you can see is quite colorful and eye-catching; who knew you could make fun-loving cartoon characters out of food items!

I think my favorite is donut boy or the vamp-like Kicky Sauce!

I love this picture…a bit morbid, but fun none the less

We have tried fare from over 15 food trucks, and I can honestly say WOW serves up some of the best. Atlanta has now reached a point where the novelty of the truck itself has worn off and quality of food is the new differentiator of success. WOW slow cooks their meats for up to 20 hours and does it right by leaving it in its own juices to right before service! They serve up several types of arepas, including smoked pork, chicken and cheese, and veggie. My personal favorite is the pork; the juices drip down your fingers as you devour every bite, the sweet softness of the corn dough is a perfect match and the Kicky Sauce adds just enough spice.

Smoked pork arepa; your mouth is probably watering…

They also serve up great donuts, tomato pies, and veggie burgers. All items can be served up with the aforementioned Kicky Sauce that is comprised of a secret jalapeño, cilantro cream mixture. Another interesting item is the Dog Bowl, which is a devilish concoction of roasted potatoes, slow cooked beef, creamy horseradish and cheese; they’re so excited about this dish that when ordered, you get a complimentary shower of barks from Wendy and the crew…awkward yet fun!

Check out all the options!

Wendy and crew are off to a fast start, and have a lot of future plans to bring more of their tasty fare to the masses. They also have great energy and are really passionate about their craft; speak with any of them for more than a few minutes, and you’ll feel like you’ve known them forever. The Wow truck is definitely setting itself apart in the fast forming wave of food trucks in Atlanta and is a must visit for any food loving fanatic!

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  1. wendy, Please make the reina pepia, original from Venezuela, Its pretty much chicken salad and top it with avocado slides.

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