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Noche has been a fixture in Virginia Highlands for years and started expanding last year with a post in Vinings and now one in Brookhaven.  They are part of Tom Catherall’s Here to Serve Restaurant group (think Twist, Aja, Goldfish, etc) and serve up quality tapas and drinks with awesome weekly specials. The menu is a hodgepodge of traditional tapas (calamari, patatas bravas, taquitos), tex-mex dishes and small seafood plates. The food is good, but this place is really known for their drink and taco specials.  Two dollar tacos on Mondays (normally they range from $5 – $7) and $1 Dos Equis on Sundays; they even have $5 margaritas and $2 Tecate daily!!! It’s best to go with about 3-4 people and each get 2-3 dishes to try a good variety of their offerings.  However, it can get a little expensive, so look for specials; some days they have all you can eat tapas and 2 for 1 deals. Some of my favorites are the hummus, blue cornmeal fried green tomatoes and the mussels in spicy chili-lobster broth. On a recent visit this is what a friend and I sampled.

Mussels in lobster-chili broth. The server spilled a little before serving..tisk tisk; the bowl is also chipped...should have asked for a discount


The mussels are served with hominy in a surprisingly spicy lobster broth with a nice piece of crusty bread to soak up what you don’t eat with the bivalves.

Chipotle Mango BBQ Salmon w/ Jalapeno Slaw

This was probably the most aesthetically pleasing dish of the afternoon, but the salmon was a little dry and the jalapeno slaw was about as spicy as my grandmother’s cream of wheat…

Taquitos de Pollo

If you’re looking for flavor, run as fast as you can from this dish; it was dry and the chicken seemed as if it was pureed and boiled in plain water…water!!! The guac and sour cream were the only things that made this edible.

Blue cornmeal-fried green tomatoes

This was a nice touch on a southern classic served with a Cholua (one of my favorite Mexican hot sauces) remoulade, and despite it’s hideous presentation, it was prett good; it had a nice crunch that gave way to fresh, juicy tomoatoes!

Noche is a great place for drinks, happy hours, and to see and be seen (like most Here to Serve spots), but the food is hit and miss and a little on the high side price wise for the quality and creativity.  While I enjoy some of their dishes and the atmosphere, I would advise going when there is a special or you have a Groupon.

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