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It’s hard to nail down exactly what kind of restaurant Top FLR is… it’s definitely good, but it covers the globe in ingredients and technique, from French confit, to Italian tagliatelle, to kim chi and mac n cheese.  At first you would think this style of menu would be a little overzealous and hard to crank out consistently good dishes night after night, but somehow they make it work…

I went last Sunday with a group of friends and scored a sweet spot on the opposite side of Ponce via a stellar parallel parking job of my beast (my SUV is huge and I usually suck at parking…hence the excitement!); be prepared to park a block or two away and walk, as there is no parking lot. The restaurant is in an old two story building just off of Ponce and Myrtle and used to only occupy the 2nd floor. The menu isn’t huge, but offers a little something for everyone, from tapas, to salads, pizzas and entrees featuring steak, duck, fish and pasta.

Charcuterie Plate - rabbit, duck and cow!

My only complaint about the service was that the our server knew nothing about the food and gave us wrong information several times about the charcuterie plate and the entrees; describing aged, dry cut meat as a rib doesn’t invoke much confidence…that being said, the food was pretty good with a couple of standouts like the tuna tartar, duck confit pizza, the tagliatelle and the gnocci. Between the five of us, we pretty much sampled ¾ of the menu! Their wine list is also well done with many good value wines and selections you can’t get at the local store. The following is what we tried:

Tuna Tartar

The tuna was rubbed with a spicy paste that added an incredible kick that was perfectly offset by the avocado!

Duck Confit Pizza

White bean hummus w/ olives, capers and chili oil!

We had a great bay window seat on the first floor with great light, then it got dark, and while the flash worked well, it still robbed a little color and complexity from the pictures.

Hanger Steak cooked to perfection

The hanger steak had tons of flavor and I loved the fact that it was left in its own juices; at $13 this feels like stealing!

Gnocci w/ beef rillette

Mac N Cheese


Awesome mac and cheese made with orecchiette that cradles the melted cheese. The crunch from finishing the dish under the broiler/salamander adds great texture contrast to the creamy cheese!

Pan Roasted Chicken, Brussel Kim Chi, Soy Reduction

Top FLR also has a sister restaurant called Sound Table that is just as good, and they both offer two of the best values in the city! I tried at least seven dishes, had three good glasses of wine and my share of the bill was less than one entrée and two glasses of wine at most places that have this caliber of food.

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