The Porter, Not Just a Beer Bar

The Porter appears to be a hole in the wall, semi-sketchy dive bar upon entrance; it’s also in Little Five Points which scares many a square man in itself. I have heard tell of the food here and finally got the chance to try it out on a weekday afternoon before heading to Turner Field for a “businessman’s special”; not much better than drinking beer and eating awesome food when you should be at work…however I’m pretty sure the term “businessman’s special” means something entirely different in any Asian country.

When you walk in you are greeted by a long narrow bar that opens into a larger back dining room, but nothing screams that this place has great food. We took a seat at the bar and were extremely lucky to discover that it was craft beer week, and they had food specials that were all pork related!!! The first thing that I had to try were the crispy pig tails…I was a little skeptical, but they awesome and were served with a spicy mustard remoulade. Some pieces were rather fatty, but the ones with the tail meat had a lot of flavor and reminded me of a lighter taste version of ox tails.

Crispy Pork Tails

The menu also included pork gyozas and pig head terrine…not your average fare at a bar. We also tried the fish and chips and sweet corn ravioli with pancetta and fava beans

Battered fish

It’s hard to find good fish and chips in the states, as most are too bready, dry or soggy, but this one hit the mark. It was perfectly breaded and the crisp of the batter literally made a cracking sound when you bit into the moist and tender fish; I will never go to another spot for this dish in Atlanta and it was even served with a side of malt vinegar!

Sweet corn ravioli

The sweet corn ravioli was served in a broth, which is something you don’t see very often but it imparts great flavor and is great to sop up with a piece of baked French bread! The sweetness of the corn played great with the saltiness of the pork and the contrast of the fava beans; someone at this place sure knows how to cook.

They are also known for their truffled fries which are totally sinful and cannot be eaten in small batches. We were already full and continued to eat the entire plate; needless to say that the Terrapin Rye Squared and the Bell’s Two-hearted had a large part to play.

Truffled Fries

I have been to many a bar that claims to have a great beer selection, but The Porter has the best hand’s down! I was going to post a snipit of the menu, but decided it would not do the place justice. If you love beer and great food, than this place is your Mecca; don’t let its outward appearance or location slow you down.

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