Sushinobo – Where the Customers At?

Sushinobo was a good addition to the Smyrna/West Villlage area that lacked a good sushi joint. When I first went last year, they had a great menu with interesting dishes like Tonkotsu, octopus, stuffed jalapenos and a full a la carte sushi list. The last few times I have gone for lunch the menu had been cut drastically to only include a few rolls, meat dishes, and a very small selection of nigiri (basic tuna, salmon, eel, egg), and the majority of the items were served as a two dish combo. For $8 it’s quite a deal, but a lot of the stuff I really like is now only available for dinner, so beware if you go for lunch as the true appeal and talent of the chefs is not on display.The lunch items are still prepared well and are high quality, but they lack the excitement and variety of other places within a 5-10 drive. I suppose most of this is driven by demand at lunch, because every time we go we are one of, if not the only table. Most other sushi places are at least 3/4 full at lunch in the area and Sushinobo never is.   I’m not sure if it’s location or lack of advertising, but this place should have more traffic based on their food.  Their sweet shrimp (Amaebi) with fried heads are super sweet and the heads have an amazing crunch. I also really like the Jalapeno Suprise stuffed with spicy tuna. I really hope their dinner service makes up for the lack of a lunch crowd, because it would be a shame if this place didn’t make it while other below average sushi joints seem to thrive…damn buffets

Salmon Roll - The one 1/4 decent pic

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