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Can you get decent Philly Cheesesteaks outside of Philly? Most would say hell no, especially OTP in Atlanta. Cheesesteaks are on hallowed ground with many people; there have been books written, websites devoted ( and even documentaries filmed ( This post in no way will try to make comparisons to or anoint any local establishment to such lofty heights as a Pat’s or Gino’s, no; this will only serve to educate folks about a pretty good alternative in Smyrna.

Cheesesteak book - you now you want this for your coffeee table; don't forget the sweet DVD!

Cheese Steak Love - look at the passion

Roy’s Cheesesteaks (just north of the South Cobb exit on 285) has received many accolades from local media about their cheesesteaks and several of my friends also recommended it as the best and closest thing to a true Philly cheesesteak. So with this knowledge we ventured into a nondescript strip mall along a sketchy section of South Cobb Dr; are any sections not sketchy?

Roy's Cheesesteaks

They have several different options from the original with just beef to the loaded option with peppers, onions and pepperoni, but they are basically all the same with different toppings. Tons of beautifully sliced thin beef on a hot roll smothered with your choice of cheese (provolone, mozzarella or white American); you also can get it with grilled onions or without, and you definitely want with! If you do not make a choice of cheese you will get white American, but I recommend the provolone. You also have to request Cheese Whiz or you will not get it, and if you want the true Philly experience you have to have it; provolone and cheese Whiz, what’s not to love…I never said this was healthy!

Original, minus the Whiz...I know...booooo

I had a small original (I wanted to taste it untainted) and a small with mushrooms; I actually preferred the one with mushrooms, as it added some more moisture and chewiness to the already soft and juice saturated bun. Sometimes I eat around the roll or bun of a hoagie or sandwich, but this one was like a little sponge that absorbed all of the juicy goodness from the meat, onions and cheese! I also recommend getting two smalls so you can try more of a variety; the two smalls with water was more food and the same price as a large with a drink! Speaking of the drinks, if you order water you literally get a cup the size the doc gives you for your physical; they apparently frown on water drinkers and want the meal to be unhealthy as possible :)

Look at the bun glistening with juice!!!

Loaded w/ peppers and pepperonis

Cup's just not fair

Roy’s is definitely worth the trip and they get you in and out quick, so even if it’s a 15 minute drive each way you can complete the mission in under an hour. I have eaten a lot of cheesesteaks in my day, but I am no expert, and as aforementioned I will not try to compare it to its namesake, but it’s pretty damn good!

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