Treminal Brewhouse

I was in Chattanooga over the weekend and decided to check out Terminal Brewhouse based on several reviews from Urbanspoon. It’s located next to the Famed Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel on the south side of town in a renovated warehouse building that boasts three floors of seating, including an awesome rooftop deck!

Treminal Brewhouse - rooftop deck

Their beer is top notch; I tried the Magnum IPA and the Terminal ale and both had great flavor and depth. They also have several “Green” initiatives including their “growler” program where you can purchase a 60 oz glass “growler” that can be taken home and used similar to a water jug…genius and still illegal in many states…GA!

Seasonal Beer Selection

Their food is also well above average for a brewery and offers something for everyone, from pizzas to sandwiches to pork chops and cheese selections. I started out with some salmon cakes that had great crunch from the perfectly cooked and seasoned crust. It was accompanied by a spicy, smoky ranch based sauce that complimented the meaty salmon cake.

Salmon Cake

We also tried the pork chop (choppin) that came with some awesome baked beans cooked with chipotles and whisky!

Pork Chop

We also tried the bacon grits, cheese pizza and a chicken salad and they were all high quality and utilized fresh, local ingredients. Another important thing to note is the great attitude of the staff; our server and the bar staff gave us the right amount of attention and were all very knowledgeable and seemed to like working there. I can’t tell you how many restaurants I’ve been to where the staff is obviously miserable and puts forth no effort…case in point was the food court at the Tennessee aquarium today. Avoid this place at all costs, unless you like bland crappy food made with the likes of government cheese, brown lettuce and frozen pizzas; there are plenty of other options nearby. TB is also kid friendly, with a separate menu, crayons and coloring pages for the munchkins; definitely good for anyone if you’re in Chattanooga!
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