Nothing Wrong w/ Runner -up – Sushi Huku

Sushi Huku is one of my favorite sushi joints in Atlanta; it’s often called “strip club sushi due to its proximity to a certain large adult entertainment establishment (I don’t recall the name). They have high quality chefs and product and I would put them second behind Sushi House Hayakawa ( . The service is excellent and they always have good specials;  while they are not as original as Hayakawa, they succeed in quality preparation and ingredients. My favorites include the grilled yellowtail cheek and the shrimp dumplings. Their bento boxes for lunch have an incredible amount of food and always offer tons of different options; at $13, they offer one of the best deals in Atlanta!

Bento box with tempura, spicy tuna roll, salmon, rice and veggies - way too much food!


The last time I went was for lunch and I had the nigiri/spicy tuna roll combo and was not disappointed! The salmon and tuna were great, but the star was the fluke with crushed salmon roe and lime!

Fluke w/ salmon roe

Huku is definitely easier to get to for us gringos than some other well established spots and is much better than most sushi places in Atlanta; however they are well closed once their neighboring “establishment” cleans up…

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