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Chef Peter Chang, of Tasty China fame, opened this eponymous restaurant in mid-December with much fanfare.  It’s a little closer to town off of 285 and Powers Ferry, by Ray’s on the River. I have been now four times and the food is excellent, but the service still needs some work. They staffed through craigslist and they need to eat through the menu so they can speak to and recommend the dishes. The space is much bigger and nicer than TC, but with some work this place will rock! I  especially love the nude Italian frescos on the wall, but his place is about the food, not the “art”.  I plan to post often about this incredible restaurant and the mastery of PC, but the following is what I have tried so far! 

Salt and Pepper Squid

This is one of my favorite dishes, as professed at  They score the squid and fry it in a sweet, almost donut-like batter, and the fried seaweed and peppers complete the dish with an incredible spiciness punch 

Bamboo fish

The bamboo fish is lightly fried with cumin and is reminiscet of great chicken nuggets we all loved as children 

Shan City Chicken

This dish is a TC staple and at TC it’s served whole,but  at PC it is chopped which adds even more spice and flavor from the cilantro and peppers 

Salt and Pepper Shrimp with Fried Onions

This is the szchuan version of the blooming onion, and it is much better; the cruncy onions work well with the tender shrimp 

Mixed Hot Pot

The hot pot is an incredible mix of fish, meat, chicken and noodles in a blood red broth over a sterno can; eat fast or the broth will begin to boil and become a formidable weapon on the lazy careful or someone’s lap will be a mess and a lawsuit 

Spicy Chicken w/ Steamed Bok Choy

Such a beautiful presentation, the bok choy adds a great bitter contrast to the spicy chicken…made me sweat like a whore in church on Sunday

Shredded Chicken w/Cumin

This chicken was served in a skillet and sizzled as it set on the table! The peppers and cilantro really made this dish pop…can you see a theme here…

Mapo Tofu

This is another one of my favorite dishes… the tofu literally melts in your mouth and allows the spice to hit your taste buds like a Mac truck! Some people don’t like the texture, but just imagine gelatine! This is an incredible place and worth any trip…no matter how far!

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3 thoughts on “Peter Chang’s

  1. Thanks for this post. We went back this last Saturday (Atlanta Food Critic and I were in the same crowd, and didn’t know it). My wife always treats menus she’s unfamiliar with like they are land mines, and the chicken with steamed bok choy ended up being the “safe” dish we chose for her.

    What I didn’t expect was the sheer meatiness of the dish, the umami. Totally unexpected!


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