Atlanta’s New Norm – Hankook Taqueria

I went to Hankook Taqueria for the first time today at the behest of a few friends and was pleasantly surprised.  An unassuming  store front in an even more far flung area at the end of a dead end road…this sets the scene for what is becoming a new norm for ITP restaurants that care about the food first and the location, aesthetic beauty, and parking a distant second.  Restaurants like Heirloom BBQ ( and Hankook are defying normal restaurant business models and succeeding; this makes me very excited about the future of dining in ATL!

Couldn't resist a Reservoir Dogs comment here; I'll let you decide who is Mr. White

This place was not what I expected at all; I figured I would walk into a place with Korean cooks and servers with a mix of Koreans and local business people…boy was I wrong.  All the cooks were Hispanic and there were two white chicks working the register! I finally did see at least one women of Asian descent come out from the back and add some credibility, and the dining room was full of beatniks and yuppies!  An All kidding aside, the food was great, unique and the space reminded me of a BBQ shack in South Georgia. Each of the tacos (we tried them all) had a unique taste and texture, which sets it apart from most taquerias where they top everything with the same crap and cook all the protein in the same pan. This is a great place for lunch even though it’s off the far side of Chattahoochee, because they are lightening fast and the service is friendly and knowledgeable.  Here is a sampling of what we tried.

Fried Tilapia Taco - crisp with a nice kick

Calamari Taco - another fresh fried treat w/ pickled jalapenos

Pork Dumplings

These were prepared fresh and had great flavor and crispiness. They also came with a great soy sauce with scallions, sesame seeds and spices. Another picture of the inside below:

Pinky goodness - careful, as they are hot as crap when delivered to the table

Pork Taco with spicy Korean kimchi sauce

This was the consensus favorite of the tacos. The pork was super tender, sweet, and the spicy sauce put it over the top. Any taco that has enough juice to make me concerned for the well-being of my shirt is good by me!

Kimchi hot dog

The dog was high quality beef and the Korean coleslaw gave it a nice bite. Overall, this place was awesome and we plan on coming back at least once a month.  It gets pretty crowded after noon, and closes at 4:00 on Monday;  a great addition to Atlanta!
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One thought on “Atlanta’s New Norm – Hankook Taqueria

  1. I would concur. The one thing I would add is that you can get out of here with 2+ tacos and a side item for less than 8 bucks. Good Food at that price is worth a thumbs up!

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