Heirloom Market BBQ

Some friends and I hit up this new BBQ joint in Smyrna today for lunch and it was incredible! We knew it was going to be good when we pulled into the tiny parking lot off of Akers Mill and the tiny restaurant was attached to a liqour store!

Heirloom Market BBQ

When you walk in, you know you’re in a special place, from the welcome greeting of chef Jiyeon Lee to the incredible aromas coming out of the open kitchen. There are literally less than 20 seats, but they will have outdoor seating come Spring. This is not your average BBQ, as both owners are trained Chefs who worked in some great Atlanta restaurants, including the Ritz Carlton Buckhead. It’s also worth noting that one was a former Korean pop star!  For a more in depth review check out Kessler’s for AJC:


Kitchen @ Heirloom and Chef Cody Taylor

The food is a mix of traditional BBQ standards such as Texas brisket, ribs, chicken and pulled pork. However, what sets this place apart is Jiyeon’s Korean influence.  From Kim-chi coleslaw to the pickled veggies and spicy Korean BBQ sauce, this place is truely creative and is challenging the traditional BBQ purists. That being said,  there is plenty of old school, slow cooked Q if that’s what you want.  They also have several daily specials and source all of their meat locally. Here is a sampling of what we had:

Korean Chopped Pork w/ kimchi coleslaw, mac n cheese and homemade sausage

Close up of Korean Chopped Pork - pure food porn

This sandwich had so much flavor it was ridiculous! Sweet and spicy, and the crunch of the coleslaw was a great accompanyment to the tender pork.

Trinity Plate - one word, "ridiculous"!

Another pic of The Trinity Plate, focusing on the brisket

The Trinity plate was huge and consisted of three cuts of pork and sausage, two sides and buttered, fresh baked bread rolls…mmmmmm. However, this is way too much food for one man…even a large man; please share! They also have great sides, from the aforementioned mac n cheese to coleslaw and collards.

Korean Sweet potatoes

This was a daily special and it had great texture and flavor with the scallions and black sesame seeds.  Bottom line on this place, is that they serve great food but the space is too small.  They were packed the entire hour we were there, which is great, but they are going to need a bigger space if the demand keeps up.  It is easily the best BBQ place on the north side and I will probably eat here once a week!


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